Chairman Peng Chun Delivered a Keynote Speech at the Global Asset Management Forum Shanghai Suhewan Summit


The Global Asset Management Forum Shanghai Suhewan Summit was held in Shanghai on January 15 and January 16 under the theme “The New Economic and Financial Landscape in Global Recovery”. Mr. Peng Chun, Chairman and CEO of CIC, virtually attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech.

Chairman Peng observed that over the past year the global economy embarked on a path of recovery and economic growth quickly rebounded in major economies. However, we still face macroeconomic complexities as the once-in-a-century pandemic lingers. Look ahead to 2022, recovery remains on a bumpy road as the wind-down of super-easy policies drives marginal weakening in global economic growth and new risks and challenges loom.

Escalating uncertainties and global challenges call for more open and inclusive cooperation among countries to share in development opportunities on an equal footing. Looking ahead, it is imperative to resolve structural bottlenecks on growth in order to advance sustainable recovery worldwide. Stronger global recovery can only be achieved if countries propel structural reforms at home while perking up international cooperation.

Over the years, sovereign wealth funds worldwide have grown into a key source of long-term capital. Countries should foster a favorable investment environment for international investors, not least long-term institutional investors. As a sovereign wealth fund, CIC is a long-term financial investor that operates on international, market-driven and professional basis. We aim to generate risk-adjusted long-term returns through diversified investments worldwide and contribute to the sustainable economic development of recipient countries. CIC stands ready to leverage its strengths to bolster cooperation with partners around the globe, jointly striving to promote the robust development of the global economy and the international capital market.

The Global Asset Management Forum is an international platform that aims to bridge economic and financial dialogues and facilitate development of the financial industry. It was jointly launched by the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, Sun Yefang Foundation, and China Wealth Management 50 Forum, in a bid to help transform the asset management sector in China in line with global development trends of asset management against the backdrop of financial opening.

The Global Asset Management Forum Shanghai Suhewan Summit was co-hosted by the Organizing Committee for the Global Asset Management Forum, Shanghai Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, and the People’s Government of Jing’an District of Shanghai. It brought together government and regulatory body officials, heads of international organizations, business leaders and pundits in the financial sector from home and abroad, etc., to exchange insights on global recovery and economic and financial outlooks.